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These are the Perl Tablets, a lexicon style documentation for Perl 6 written in Pandoc-Markdown and optimized for hypertext formats.

They are available online at

How to Help


  • Fix typos and spelling by editing directly on github with the editor widget.

  • Add entries to FAQ (Appendix F) and glossary (Appendix G).

  • Just start reading and report issues if you're not sure.

  • Please pore over Appendix B taking note of the various links to the main Index (Appendix A). When you see a Perl 6 term without a link, find its corresponding anchor in the Index, then (in Appendix B) create a link to it.


  • Several items in FAQ and the glossary (works mostly without P6 knowledge) are still unexplained.

  • The Tablet 1: History needs a lot of help, especially information from people who were involved in the subprojects.

  • Running the will you give you hints about current things to do.

Formating Rules

Anchor Names

  • Index A has following rules:
  • Anchors are case sensitive, if the term is "BEGIN", the anchor is also "BEGIN".
  • Parts of the anchor name are divided by a minus ("-").
  • None alphanumeric chars are descibed as lowercase name.
  • But use for that only one word, "=" is "equal" not "equal sign".
  • "==" is equal-equal, "===" is "equal-equal-equal"
  • A secondary anchor can dexribe the name of an operator.
  • Index G has following rules:
  • Anchor uses always the abbreviation, acronym or short form.
  • Acronyms are uppercase rest is always lower case.


  • Perl 6 builtins (links to A) are bold (**...**)
  • terms (links to G) and Perl 5 builtins are italic (*...*)
  • code snipptes are in (`...`)
  • markdown for formating linked text please inside the square brackets
  • between item name, its explanation and additional infos is an — (—)


Getting your copy

Just clone the repo per git and install pandoc.

Generating the html

After updating any .txt files, to regenerate the corresponding html files, run ./ in the docs directory.

Publishing the Tablets

scp the docs/*.html files and the styles.css file to the web.


Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0)