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try fix distro var further

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commit 43ea61acf045dbfde74a766a55f535c384bde89a 1 parent 64fd869
@lichtkind lichtkind authored
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  1. +4 −4 docs/appendix-a-index.txt
8 docs/appendix-a-index.txt
@@ -1361,15 +1361,15 @@ program was compiled for, see also:
**[\$?KERNEL](#kernel-compiler-var)** and
-**[div](operators.html)** integer division
+**[div](operators.html)** — integer division
+**[do](tablet-6-blocks.html#do)** —
executes a block (do once loop)
**does** — checks if an objekt inherits a role (parameter)
-**dotty** *[(grammatical
+*[(grammatical category)](appendix-b-grouped.html#categories)* —
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