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Perl 6 User Experience

Overview and Purpose

There are many aspects in the experience of Perl 6 users: installation of a compiler, getting help, reporting issues, and others. The purpose of this repository is to help identify and address any deficiencies and issues in that experience. Creation of an Issue on this repository is aimed to be part of that process.

When encountering a Perl 6 user who seems to be frustrated by any part of the Perl 6 experience, it is suggested they get directed to open an Issue on this repository, so that the Perl 6 Community can address it.

Aspects of the User Experience

  • Finding Out Perl 6 Exists
    • Hearing about Perl 6 from marketing materials
    • Hearing about Perl 6 from conferences and other events
    • Hearing about Perl 6 on social media, blogs, and popular news sites
    • Hearing about Perl 6 by word-of-mouth
  • Getting Perl 6
    • Understanding the basic terms and differences (compiler vs. language, etc)
    • Choosing a compiler to install
    • Installing a compiler
  • Running Perl 6
    • Running a compiler
    • Finding a needed module
    • Installing a module
  • Developing in Perl 6
    • Developing a module
      • Testing a module
    • Distributing a module
    • Distributing a Perl 6 program
    • Maintaining a module or program
      • Workflow for bumping your module's version
      • Bitrot detection and dependent module version handling
      • Checking for issues and PRs
      • Sharing write access
        • perl6 community modules
  • Getting Help and Training
    • Finding and accessing Perl 6 documentation
    • Finding and accessing documentation for a module
    • Finding and accessing non-real-time help and training (blogs, forums, mailing lists)
    • Finding and accessing real-time help and training (IRC channel, conferences)
  • Reporting Problems
    • Reporting problems with Perl 6
    • Reporting problems with a particular Perl 6 compiler
    • Reporting problems with a module
  • Contributing to Perl 6
    • Finding out what work needs to be done to Perl 6 (docs, supporting websites, etc)
      • open github issues
      • WANTED modules list
    • Finding out what work needs to be done to a Perl 6 compiler
      • open tickets at
      • github issues and PRs on rakudo, moarvm, nqp
      • fudged tests in roast
    • Finding out whom to contact to obtain access permissions (e.g. commit bits)
    • Setting up a development environment, writing and testing patches Rakudo
    • Compiler PR workflow Rakudo
    • Getting recognition
  • Interacting with the Community
    • Reaching other Perl 6 developers (for social chat and events)
    • Overcoming barriers: gender-related issues, minority groups, persons with disabilities
    • Resolving issues with abusive behaviour from other members of the community
  • Being a Perl 6 Programmer
    • Interacting with communities of other computer languages
    • Finding a job that involves the use of Perl 6
    • Spreading the word about Perl 6
    • Obtaining Perl 6 promotional materials (a well-written "sales pitch", printable brochures, etc.)
    • Obtaining Perl 6 merchandise (shirts, mugs, pens with Perl 6 logo, etc.)


Identifying issues in and improving the Raku user experience





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