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This is an IRC bot that makes rakudo builds produced by Whateverable publicly available. It can be addressed by its full name ('shareable6').

You can find some extra examples in tests: shareable.t

⚠ How to use these files

As of today, rakudo is not relocatable. For that reason the tars contain absolute paths, so you have to extract these archives accordingly. Note that the build will be located in /tmp/whateverable/rakudo-moar/SOME-SHA/. Also, as of today these files are only useful for you if you're on linux x86_64.

With zstd archives, use this:

zstd -dqc -- "$PATH-TO-ARCHIVE" | tar -x --absolute-names

With lrz archives, use this:

lrzip -dqo - -- "$PATH-TO-ARCHIVE" | tar -x --absolute-names -- "/tmp/whateverable/rakudo-moar/$SHA_OF_REQUIRED_BULID"

You don't necessarily have to specify some specific path with lrz archives, but keep in mind that every archive contains many builds.

For compatibility, a .tar.gz archive is provided for HEAD. It is accessible here: (but note that any other request for a .tar.gz will fail).

tar -x --absolute-names -f "$PATH-TO-ARCHIVE"

Bot usage examples

<AlexDaniel> shareable: HEAD
<shareable> AlexDaniel,

<AlexDaniel>shareable6: f583f22
<shareable6> AlexDaniel,

<AlexDaniel> shareable6: 2015.12
<shareable6> AlexDaniel,

MoarVM builds and other things

MoarVM builds are also available. Link will look like this:

Also, if you want to specify the architecture, use this full syntax:

The server will return 404 if it cannot satisfy your request.

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