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Revision history for App-UniqFiles
0.09 2015-01-03 (PERLANCAR)
- No functional changes.
- Rebuild (Generate
0.08 2014-08-16 (SHARYANTO) - Happy 19th CPAN Day!
- [build] CLI scripts are now generated automatically using
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::ScriptFromFunc. The plugin is still at 0.01 so the
generated script is not as polished as it should be. Stay tuned.
0.07 2014-07-22 (SHARYANTO)
- No functional changes.
- Switch CLI scripts from using Perinci::CmdLine to
Perinci::CmdLine::Any to reduce size of dependencies.
0.06 2014-05-16 (SHARYANTO)
- No functional changes.
- Replace File::Slurp with File::Slurp::Tiny.
0.05 2012-03-02 (SHARYANTO)
- No functional changes.
- Replace Sub::Spec with Rinci/Perinci.
0.04 2011-07-28 (SHARYANTO)
- Add option: check_content.
0.03 2011-07-28 (SHARYANTO)
- Fix behaviour to match `uniq` command: by default, duplicate files are
returned but only one for each content.
0.02 2011-07-28 (SHARYANTO)
- Minor bug fixes; use logging in script.
0.01 2011-07-28 (SHARYANTO)
- First release.
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