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Revision history for App-perlmv
0.38 2010-09-27
Multiple scriptlets and/or command-line code can now be specified, a la
INCOMPATIBLE: -e is now --eval instead of --execute. New -x option is
now --execute.
Some fixes in dryrun handling.
Allow -e '' (previous version would wrongly assume next argument is
Add more documentation and examples.
0.37 2010-07-03
Fix bug: store_scriptlets was broken (Thanks Kurt vom Walde).
0.36 2010-07-02
Introduce $COMPILING as alias for $COMPILING.
Introduce $CLEANING for running code between run.
Fix scriptlet: to-number-ext (still used @ARGV).
0.35 2010-07-01
Add scriptlet: trim.
Add scriptlet: dedup-space.
0.34 2010-06-30
Add test for each included scriptlet.
Provide $FILES (arrayref) for code.
0.33 2010-06-29
Require Test::Exception [reported by cpantesters]
0.32 2010-06-24
Fix failing tests on *cp*antesters machines.
0.31 2010-06-23
Now requires Perl 5.10 (sorry guys).
Switch to Getopt::Long, add long options (SawyerX++).
Refactor code to be more OO (SawyerX++).
Refactor tests (multitude fails on various platforms reported
by cpantesters).
0.30 2010-05-21
Add option: -p (create intermediate dirs).
Add option: -M (mode rename/copy/symlink/link).
Add new commands: perlcp, perlln, perlln_s.
0.29 2010-05-15
Fix -v.
0.28 2010-05-15
Rename option: -r (recursive) -> -R
Add option: -r (reverse order)
$_ will be set to the result of code, if defined (so we can
just say -e 'lc' instead of -e '$_=lc')
0.27 2010-05-14
Adjust test to account for case-insensitive filesystems.
0.26 2010-05-13
Rename options: -S -> -s, -W -> -w, -L -> -l.
Add option: -S (skip symlinks).
Rename scriptlet: with-numbers- > to-number-ext.
Add scriptlets: unaccent, to-timestamp-ext.
0.25 2010-05-13
Sort -L output. -Lv will show each scriptlet's source.
0.24 2010-05-12
First release to CPAN. Prior versions were not released and
named C<perlrename>.
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