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0.12 2017-07-04 (PERLANCAR)
- No functional changes.
- Re-release to switch PAUSE account.
0.11 2013-09-18 (SHARYANTO)
- No functional changes. Rerelease due to inclusion of unneeded files
0.10 2013-09-18 (SHARYANTO)
- No functional changes. Apply spelling patch from Debian maintainer
Gregor Herman [RT#88745].
0.09 2013-08-22 (SHARYANTO)
- No functional changes. Reformat Changes to be more conformant to
CPAN::Changes::Spec (thanks Neil Bowers).
0.08 2012-03-28 (SHARYANTO)
- peek(), look_back(), has_next(), has_previous() now accept optional
integer argument for arbitrary lookup, e.g. peek(2) looks at the next
next item, peek(1) is the same as peek() (implemented by Alexey
Surikov, github#2).
0.07 2011-09-09 (SHARYANTO)
- Take over maintenance from Stevan Little.
- Now uses Dist::Zilla and git.
- Add lowercase method name aliases (has_next() as well as hasNext(),
etc). The lowercase method names are now the documented ones.
- Add iterated() to check whether an iteration has been done (i.e.
next(), or get_next(), or previous(), etc has been called).
0.06 2005-07-08 (STEVAN)
- Fixed bug in Array::Iterator::peek(). Thanks to Hugo Cornelis for
pointing it out
- added tests for this
- Added patch from Phillip Moore to support *single element iteration*
using the hash-ref constructor option. - added tests and docs for
this (also from Phillip :)
0.05 2004-07-15 (STEVAN)
- added a getLegnth method and tested it
- changed how currentIndex deals with index of 0, it now does it
- made current use currentIndex to get the current index
- made Array::Iterator more subclass friendly by adding some
'protected' methods to access some fields with
- added some subclasses: Array::Iterator::BiDirectional,
Array::Iterator::Circular, Array::Iterator::Reusable
- created tests for all these new modules
0.04 2004-05-06 (STEVAN)
- Changed current and currentIndex to refer to the same value (and
index) of the last item dispensed by the next method. This is more in
line with what they should do. Prior to this version they returned
the current index which was actually the one past the last call to
- tested these changes and altered tests which used the old versions.
- updated documentation to reflect change
0.03 2004-05-02 (STEVAN)
- Added currentIndex method, and added tests for it.
- Added getNext method and added tests for it.
- altered the behavior of peek to not throw an exception.
- updated all documentation.
0.02 2004-04-12 (STEVAN)
- error in the Makefile.PL file, no changes on this release
0.01 2004-03-17 (STEVAN)
- original version; created by h2xs 1.22 with options -X -n