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Revision history for Bench
0.10 2014-05-14 (SHARYANTO)
- Use Benchmark as the backend instead of doing our own timing (we
haven't factored out the overhead of null loop, for example).
0.09 2012-08-28 (SHARYANTO)
- No functional changes. Some POD tweaks. Add -v (version).
0.08 2012-08-05 (SHARYANTO)
- Shuffle order of execution
0.07 2012-08-05 (SHARYANTO)
- bin/bench: Add options -h, -M/m, -n, -I, -b
0.06 2012-08-04 (SHARYANTO)
- bin/bench: Run at least 1s for each sub
- Show who's fastest at the end (and by how much)
0.05 2012-07-27 (SHARYANTO)
- bin/bench: Forgot to support benchmarking multiple codes
0.04 2012-07-27 (SHARYANTO)
- Handle division by zero error [CT]
- Add script: bin/bench
0.03 2011-03-31 (SHARYANTO)
- By default now only run code at most 100 times or 1s.
- Changed syntax for specifying multiple codes (suggested by
- Use s all the time, but ms for per-call times.
- A couple of small fixes.
0.02 2011-03-30 (SHARYANTO)
- Display time in ms when appropriate.
- Reduce benchmarking overhead (especially when n is negative).
0.01 2011-03-30 (SHARYANTO)
- First release.