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0.38 2017-01-15 (PERLANCAR)
- [dist] Force update Data::Clean to 0.48.
0.37 2016-09-28 (PERLANCAR)
- Convert bigints (Math::BigInt objects) into strings.
0.36 2016-05-27 (PERLANCAR)
- Introduce shortcut non-OO functions: clean_json_in_place,
0.35 2016-05-21 (PERLANCAR)
- [Bugfix] Previous release did not correctly set recurse object option,
the correct option is !recurse_obj (wrong Data::Clean documentation).
- [dist] Bump prereq version Data::Clean to 0.35.
0.34 2016-05-21 (PERLANCAR)
- [Incompatible change] By default now recurses into object (see
!recurse_object option in Data::Clean documentation).
0.33 2016-04-14 (PERLANCAR)
- Split Data::Clean::Base to its own dist as Data::Clean, rebase on
0.32 2016-03-30 (PERLANCAR)
- Avoid perl undef warning because Scalar::Util::reftype() might
return undef.
0.31 2016-03-30 (PERLANCAR)
- Introduce option "!recurse_obj" to recurse into hash-/array-based
0.30 2016-03-09 (PERLANCAR)
- Remove usage of JSON module in test, handle
0.29 2016-01-20 (PERLANCAR)
- Stringify version objects.
- [Bugfix] Stringifying Regexp erroneously becomes literal 'Regexp'
instead of its stringified value because we generate a new 'if'
clause when it should be 'elsif'.
- Bump prereq version Log::Any::IfLOG to 0.07.
0.28 2015-06-10 (PERLANCAR)
- No functional changes.
- Mention Data::Abridge.
0.27 2015-06-08 (PERLANCAR)
- No functional changes.
- Re-release to show up in MetaCPAN index.
0.26 2015-05-23 (PERLANCAR)
- No functional changes.
- [Bugfix] Don't assume Scalar::Util's blessed has been imported.
0.25 2015-05-23 (PERLANCAR)
- Put generated cleanser code in 'src', for other tools that might need
it (e.g. Perinci::CmdLine::Inline).
0.24 2015-03-26 (PERLANCAR)
- Change the default clone limit from 50 to 1, as this is now the more
sensible default now that the previous release has fixed clone limit
counting for converted objects.
0.23 2015-03-26 (PERLANCAR)
- Don't count object converted into non-ref into clone limit. This
solves the problem of only a few DateTime/Time::Moment/other objects
being converted into timestamps (if they happen to be referenced twice
or more in the data structure, triggering the circular check and
quickly hitting the clone limit), because even after each object is
converted into a non-ref value, the old ref is still counted. The new
release now compares the ref() of the new converted value when doing
circular check.
0.22 2015-03-26 (PERLANCAR)
- Convert Time::Moment objects like DateTime objects (convert them
to epoch value), BTW the fallback unbless routine in
Function::Fallback::CoreOrPP seems to have a problem in
unblessing Time::Moment objects, but it doesn't have a problem
unblessing other blessed scalar refs.
0.21 2015-03-26 (PERLANCAR)
- No functional changes.
- Replace Log::Any with Log::Any::IfLOG.
0.20 2014-12-10 (PERLANCAR)
- No functional changes.
- Use new name of renamed/split module SHARYANTO::String::Util ->
String::LineNumber & String::PerlQuote.
0.19 2014-11-13 (PERLANCAR)
- Avoid perl undef warning & syntax error in generated code [CT].
0.18 2014-11-12 (PERLANCAR)
- No functional changes.
- Make Acme::Damn and Data::Clone optional prereqs [#98887].
0.17 2014-11-07 (PERLANCAR)
- Remove unneeded dep.
0.16 2014-04-10 (SHARYANTO)
- No functional changes.
- Replace Acme::Damn and Data::Clone with Function::Fallback::CoreOrPP.
0.15 2014-02-13 (SHARYANTO)
- Default command for circular is changed from
[replace_with_ref=>'CIRCULAR'] to ['clone']. I believe this is more
useful for common cases, e.g. when $ref is [1] then {a=>$ref,
b=>$ref} will become {a=>[1], b=>[1]} instead of {a=>[1],
0.14 2014-02-13 (SHARYANTO)
- Add command: clone (for -circular).
0.13 2013-10-31 (SHARYANTO)
- Allow opt '' to process non-references (e.g. numbers, strings, other
simple scalars).
0.12 2013-10-31 (SHARYANTO)
- No functional changes.
- Add some more tests.
- Properly quote string in 'replace_with_str' command.
- Check syntax of function and method name in 'call_func' and
0.11 2013-10-15 (SHARYANTO)
- Introduce get_cleanser() to get singleton instance.
0.10 2013-10-14 (SHARYANTO)
- Split functionality of JSON::{PP,XS}::Boolean handling to
0.09 2013-10-14 (SHARYANTO)
- No functional changes. Revert back some code.
0.08 2013-10-14 (SHARYANTO) - Get well soon, dad!
- Handle JSON::{XS,PP}::Boolean objects (convert to 1/0).
0.07 2013-09-11 (SHARYANTO)
- No functional changes. Replace Data::Structure::Util's unbless() with
Acme::Damn's damn() because the former currently fails to build on
Windows (I'm currently trying to make Perinci::CmdLine work on
0.06 2013-08-07 (SHARYANTO)
- Now by default clean objects by unblessing them instead of turning
them into class-name strings.
- No longer log cleanser code by default. You need to enable
- Add command: unbless.
0.05 2012-08-05 (SHARYANTO)
- Fix circular handling.
0.04 2012-08-04 (SHARYANTO)
- More documentation.
- Handle circular references.
0.03 2012-08-03 (SHARYANTO)
- No functional changes. Fix English (cleaner -> cleanser).
0.02 2012-08-03 (SHARYANTO)
- Tweak default settings.
- Add basic tests.
0.01 2012-08-03 (SHARYANTO)
- First release. Incomplete and no tests yet.