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Revision history for Language-Expr
0.10 2010-10-13
Add hook_var property to Language::Expr::Compiler::Perl.
0.09 2010-07-01
Require List::MoreUtils.
0.08 2010-06-29
PHP compiler/emitter.
Parser: Split rule_subscripting into
rule_subscripting_{var,expr} to accomodate PHP's limitation
(can't subscript against expression).
Language: because many target languages (including PHP and
JavaScript) don't support expression before "=>", only
bareword \w+ and string literals are now allowed in left side
of pair.
JS: Now allows mapping Expr function to JS property
(e.g. func_mapping->{length} = ':length').
0.07 2010-06-25
Adjust for new Regexp::Grammars 1.005.
0.06 2010-06-23
JavaScript compiler/emitter.
Small fixes & additional documentation.
0.05 2010-06-19
Fix tests for FreeBSD [reported by cpantesters].
0.04 2010-06-17
Add Perl emitter (supports map/grep/usort) (now used by
Reorganize modules.
0.03 2010-06-11
Add map(), grep(), and usort() (but so far only working in
parser level only).
0.02 2010-05-12
Add enum_vars().
0.01 2010-05-07
First release.
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