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pod: note that submodules are also affected

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1 parent 7d15df0 commit f1dd74d00fd90b95cee707f38cb756add634bb42 Steven Haryanto (on PC) committed May 16, 2011
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@@ -287,8 +287,9 @@ example below is a code to log to three files:
=head2 Changing level of a certain module
-Suppose you want to shut up Foo, Bar::Baz, and Qux's logging because they are
-too noisy:
+Suppose you want to shut up logs from modules Foo, Bar::Baz, and Qux (and their
+submodules as well, e.g. Foo::Alpha, Bar::Baz::Beta::Gamma) because they are too
use Log::Any::App '$log',
-category_level => { Foo => 'off', 'Bar::Baz' => 'off', Qux => 'off' };

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