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😈Devild - Wordpress DB export & replace the easy way

Database export and search replace for sql files

How to use

  • npm i -g @perlatsp/devild to install it as a global package.
  • You can now access it by running devild <command>
  • NOTE! If you are using devilbox / docker containers you will need to do the above inside the container.

Available commands

  • devild or devild help - Will display help message with available commands
  • devild db:export - Will ask credentials to export database
  • devild db:replace - Will ask questions to replace url in the exported sql file
  • devild install - Will create sample config file to create projects repositories (name,type,url)-
  • devild project:start - Will ask questions to create a new project based upon set configurations
  • devild project:add - Will ask questions to add a new project to your configuration file


  • Search Replace in current dir
  • Create Project (WP or Laravel ) cloning set repos
  • Database Export
  • Database Replace
  • CRUD config.json file
  • Database Import

This project was originally intended for personal use and not to publish it therefore I used best Worst Practices and Antipatterns to create this. PR more than welcome.

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