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alt arrival dinner

Chris White edited this page Jun 17, 2019 · 30 revisions

We have a reservation at Double Wide Grill (Southside location) for 7pm.

Meet in the hotel lobby at 6:40pm.

Please RSVP here:

  1. Dave Rolsky
  2. Huey-Ling Chen
  3. Todd Rinaldo
  4. Sawyer X
  5. Mickey Nasriachi
  6. Jim Brandt
  7. Dave Jacoby (well > 60% chance)
  8. Chris White (CXW)
  9. Andrew Hewus Fresh
  10. Lisa Hewus Fresh
  11. Janine Costanzo (assuming flight is on time)
  12. Kevin Lenzo (meet you there at 7)
  13. Mike Fragassi
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