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What is this?

The documents in this project are the compiled knowledge of how to run a grass-roots conference. They have been pulled together by The Perl Foundation to help us from year to year since we always have new organizers, but they're here to help anyone.

What's the funny mark-up in the files?

These files are written in a markup language called plain old documentation (POD) format. If you have a computer with perl on it, you can type >perldoc and read it. If you don't have perl, you can probably just try to ignore the markup.

Updating is being hosted by github pages.

Changes to files in master/docs will go live to the internet within 10 minutes.

If you feel something is wrong, please open an issue or better yet submit a pull request to this repo.


There is an app.psgi file in the directory that makes it easier to view the static pages while editing them. Just cd to the directory and run plackup.

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