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Perlin Network

Decentralized technology for the masses.


  1. wavelet Public

    Write once, run forever. Deploy robust, scalable, decentralized WebAssembly applications on Wavelet.

    Go 259 42

  2. noise Public

    A decentralized P2P networking stack written in Go.

    Go 1.7k 208

  3. life Public

    A secure WebAssembly VM catered for decentralized applications.

    Go 1.7k 123

  4. lens Public

    The official network explorer for Wavelet.

    TypeScript 28 3

  5. Write WebAssembly smart contracts for Wavelet in Rust.

    Rust 64 17

  6. A stateless HTTP client for interacting with a Wavelet node. Written in JavaScript.

    JavaScript 15 4



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