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tt.rc content repository

This repository is for maintaining the non-source-code, non-archive content on Discussion related to this should be on the cpan-workers mailing list.

Rules for editing content:

  • Don't add new output files. Only files already on should be added (and then to their current location). Generally email to get new files included here. Making new templates/scripts/etc to produce the output files is fine.

  • Be conservative in your edits. While lots of updates are needed, this has been around for 20 years and will be for many more. There's no rush.

  • No style edits for now. Cleanups yes; but a new design/layout will wait.

How to submit changes

A 'pull request' on github is the best way. Sending a patch to the cpan-workers list at the same time will be a good way to get peer review. A change with a few "+1" votes from the list are more likely to be expediently pulled in.

How it works

Install Template Toolkit and the other requirements with cpanm by running make install.

To fetch the data needed for the site, run make update-data update-daily.

Then run make. This will in turn run ttree and generate output files in the html/ directory.

Image files are copied plainly to the html/ directory.

Everything else is processed through template toolkit. Only .html files get the "master template" applied automatically.