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title => "Perl Ports - Perl on different platforms",
section => 'ports',
stub => '../',
PROCESS ports/oses/list.html;
<h1 id="top">Perl Ports (Binary Distributions)</h1>
<li>Perl supports over <strong><a href=
<li>Most Unix/Linux and Macs have Perl already installed.</li>
<li>You will need to <a href="">download</a> Perl for Windows.</li>
[% TRY %]
[% latest_data = INSERT perl_version_latest_stable.json %]
[% latest = JSON.json_decode(latest_data) %]
<li>The latest stable version of Perl is [% latest.version %].
[% CATCH %]
[% END %]
<li>Running a version older than 5.8.3? - some of the more widely used CPAN modules now require at least this version.
<li>You can build your own version of Perl from the <a href="/src/">
source code</a>!
<h2>What OS do you run?</h2>
[% FOREACH os = os_list.sort %]
<li>[% PROCESS "ports/oses/${os}.tt_data" %]
<a href="binaries.html#[% os %]">[% %]</a></li>
[% END %]
<li><a href="archive-2011-03-26.html">More...</a></li>
<hr />
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