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Just fetch the perl releases a few times a day

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1 parent 6aee595 commit eb807a4aa3ab2ae3d268cee2c62024b278c1e989 @abh abh committed Jun 12, 2011
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@@ -29,9 +29,11 @@ data/cpan-stats.json: update-data
@$(PERL) ./bin/cpanorg_rss_fetch
- @$(PERL) ./bin/cpanorg_perl_releases
@$(PERL) ./bin/update_data
+ @$(PERL) ./bin/cpanorg_perl_releases
$(CPANM) Template JSON Template::Plugin::Comma Template::Plugin::JSON XML::RSS local::lib File::Slurp
@@ -31,6 +31,8 @@ to be expediently pulled in.
Install Template Toolkit and the other requirements with `cpanm` by running `make install`.
+To fetch the data from needed for the site, run `make update-data update-daily`.
Then run `make`. This will in turn run `ttree` and generate output
files in the html/ directory.
@@ -39,10 +41,4 @@ Image files are copied plainly to the html/ directory.
Everything else is processed through template toolkit. Only .html
files get the "master template" applied automatically.
-To fetch the latest rss information run bin/cpanorg_rss_fetch which
-saves content into fetched_data
-The master template is in lib/style/cpan.html -- for now this is
-mostly just blank.

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