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Can't show unhelpful reviews #33

bricas opened this Issue January 05, 2012 · 7 comments

4 participants

Brian Cassidy Ask Bjørn Hansen Tina Müller (tinita) kba
Brian Cassidy

For example, on this page:

when I click on "3 hidden unhelpful reviews" nothing happens, and the console.log output shows:

GET 412 (Precondition Failed)
Brian Cassidy

Further investigation -- visiting the URL above, the response is as follows:

{"error":"2012-01-05T15:47:23 Invalid Auth Token","server":"","datetime":"2012-01-05T15:47:23"}

Line 18 of the parent page shows:

var global_auth_token = "";
Ask Bjørn Hansen
abh commented January 05, 2012
Brian Cassidy

Apparently, once you login, you can view the unhelpful reviews. If credentials are required for viewing those reviews, could that be mentioned in or around that link?

Tina Müller (tinita)

Once you are logged in, most of them expand, but for example this one doesn't:
Opera 11, Linux, JS and Cookies enabled, logged in.

edit: issue #19 seems to describe the same.

Ask Bjørn Hansen
abh commented May 16, 2012
Ask Bjørn Hansen

This was fixed in d12f34b and cdb3791

Ask Bjørn Hansen abh closed this September 18, 2012
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