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RSS text formatting / content type #9

rwstauner opened this Issue · 5 comments

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Randy Stauner Leo Lapworth
Randy Stauner

I follow the RSS feed, but because the post is plain text my feed reader (google reader)
flattens everything into a single paragraph,
whereas the text of the review on the website is nicely formatted.

Would it be reasonable to either convert the "description" tags in the rss feed to html like the website does?

Or is it possible to specify a ccontent type of text/plain so that aggregators know it's plain text?
(I'm not sure if that's a valid solution).


Leo Lapworth

What is the URL of the RSS feed you are following?


Randy Stauner
Leo Lapworth

Thanks for the clarification @magnificent-tears, Looks like the code that needs changing is I'm not quite sure what to just yet :)

Randy Stauner
Randy Stauner rwstauner closed this
Randy Stauner rwstauner reopened this
Randy Stauner

I don't know how to start the webserver (see Issue #10),
but I would probably start by looking into changing

$text = $review->review;


$text = $review->review_html;

in as_rss()

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