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Link to my Perl 'Maven' Tutorial #68

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The description would be better if it told what's in the tutorial and who it's for. Who wrote it and when isn't really useful to someone trying to pick one.


May I ask you to review the new patch please?


I took skim through the tutorial, and I think it's kind of confusing. It's not clear to me who your audience is. There are also huge chunks of index that are missing content. If I was a new Perl programmer, this tutorial would make me switch to PHP.

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+<h4><a href="">The Perl 'Maven' Tutorial</a></h4>
+This tutorial teaches modern ways to write Perl code, but also takes in account
+the need of people to maintain old code on older versions of Perl. It teaches how
+to write code that can run on perl version 5.8 and even 5.6, but also
+includes examples that use features provided in newer versions of Perl.
Dave Cross gave this presentation at the London Perl Workshop.
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