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[% WRAPPER layout title = "Perl Mongers: Contact Information" %]
<p>Please use the email addresses below to contact Perl Mongers</p>
<h2>user_groups &lt;at&gt;</h2>
<p>Any general queries about Perl Mongers. Anything that doesn't fit into
any of the other categories.</p>
<h2>tech &lt;at&gt;</h2>
<p>Any queries regarding the internet services (i.e. web space and mailing
lists) provided by Perl Mongers.</p>
<h2>dns &lt;at&gt;</h2>
<p>Any queries about the DNS services provided by Perl Mongers.</p>
<h2>webmaster &lt;at&gt;</h2>
<p>Any comments or suggestions about the web site.</p>
[% END %]
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