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1 parent 01ba28e commit 0c8d262a7d7b5d0184e69f37c4a1e50e53955a46 leon committed
5 perlmongers/bin/xml
@@ -1,6 +1,7 @@
#!/home/acme/bin/perl -w
use strict;
+use File::Copy;
use Image::WorldMap;
use Template;
use XML::Simple;
@@ -50,6 +51,10 @@ foreach my $name (keys %$xml) {
+copy("./perl_mongers.xml", "html/groups/perl_mongers.xml");
+copy("./perl_mongers.dtd", "html/groups/perl_mongers.dtd");
=head1 NAME
5 perlmongers/lib/layout
@@ -39,8 +39,9 @@
minor = {
"Contact" => "/contact/index.html",
"FAQ" => "/faq/index.html",
-# "News" => "/news/index.html",
"Running a group" => "/successful/index.html",
+ "Invite a guru" => "/invite/index.html",
+ "Start a group" => "/start/index.html",
@@ -65,6 +66,8 @@
"Perl advocacy" => "",
"Use Perl" => "",
"" => "",
+ "Perlmonks" => "",
+ "Yet Another Perl Conference" => "",
2  perlmongers/src/contact/index.html
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-[% META title = "Perl Mongers Contact Information" %]
+[% META title = "Perl Mongers: Contact Information" %]
<p>Please use the email addresses below to contact Perl Mongers</p>
11 perlmongers/src/faq/index.html
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-[% META title = "Perl Mongers Frequently Asked Questions" %]
+[% META title = "Perl Mongers: Frequently Asked Questions" %]
<p>Please send any suggestions or corrections to</p>
<h2>General Questions</h2>
@@ -22,14 +22,13 @@
drum up interest in your new group. Almost certainly you'll already
have access to servers to set them up on, but if you need help with
that, we will gladly supply both web space and a mailing list.</p>
-<p>The only other thing to do is to let us know about your new group
-so that we can add you to the list of established groups
-[NOTE: Add link].</p>
+<p>The only other thing to do is to [% link_to('/start/', 'let us know') %] about your new group
+so that we can add you to the list of established groups.</p>
<h3>Can you provide people to speak at our meetings?</h3>
<p>Perl Mongers can't actually provide speakers for you. Who do, however,
-maintain a list [NOTE: Add link] of well-known people from the Perl
+maintain a [% link_to('/invite/', 'list') %] of well-known people from the Perl
community who have indicated that they are happy to speak to Perl
-Monger groups when they are passing thru the area.</p>
+Monger groups when they are passing through the area.</p>
<h2>Internet Services</h2>
<h3>What Internet services can Perl Mongers provide?</h3>
<p>If your group does not have a local server that you can use to host
2  perlmongers/src/groups/group.html
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-[% META title = "User group" %]
+[% META title = "Perl Mongers: User group" %]
[% IF image %]
<img src="[% image %]"><p>
10 perlmongers/src/groups/index.html
@@ -1,5 +1,11 @@
-[% META title = "User groups" %]
+[% META title = "Perl Mongers: User groups" %]
-There are lots of Perl Monger groups. Here is:
+There are lots of Perl Monger around the world. Here is:
[% link_to('/groups/0.html', '') %].
+The canonical source for the Perl Mongers groups is now an
+[% link_to('/groups/perl_mongers.xml', 'XML file') %] with
+[% link_to('/groups/perl_mongers.dtd', 'DTD') %].
22 perlmongers/src/index.html
@@ -1,10 +1,24 @@
[% META title = "Perl Mongers" %]
-Perl Mongers is a blah blah that blahs.
+<p>Perl Mongers is a loose association of international Perl User Groups.</p>
+<p>Latest news items from Perl Monger groups around the world:</p>
+<h2>Perl Monger T-Shirts at YAPC::Europe</h2>
+19th August 2002
+<p>If you are going to YAPC::Europe and your local Perl Monger group
+has its own t-shirt, please consider donating one to the auction
+that will happen on the final day.</p>
+<h2>New Chief Perl Monger</h2>
+6th August 2002
+<p>Dave Cross has been appointed the new Perl Mongers User Groups
+Co-ordinator. Dave will be acting as liason between The Perl
+Foundation and the 500 local Perl Monger groups.</p>
+<p><small>If you have an story that you'd like us to feature here, then
+please let us know.</small></p>
-<p>Insert content here...</p>
115 perlmongers/src/invite/index.html
@@ -0,0 +1,115 @@
+[% META title = "Perl Mongers: Contact Information" %]
+<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">
+<h1>Inviting a Guru to Your Meeting</h1>
+Many of the Perl personalities travel the country teaching
+Perl or doing other Important Things. Find out when they
+are near you and send them a note. The persons listed on
+this page have expressed an interest in attending local user
+groups events when they are in town, so don't be afraid to
+offer them free drinks and dinner! Include the time frame
+(for instance: &quot;sometime in May or June&quot;) and the
+location of your meeting in your invitation.
+<h2>From <a href="">ActiveState Tool Corp.</a></h2>
+<dt><b>Dick Hardt</b> <a href=""></a>
+<dd>Interested in Perl in the Windows environment? Dick is available for 1-2
+hour presentations or informal discussions with Perl Mongers groups. His
+travel schedule is fluid so submit a request and he'll see what can be
+accommodated. Dick is based on the North American Pacific Northwest coast,
+in Vancouver so West coast travel will be easier to accommodate.
+<h2>From O'Reilly and The Perl Journal</h2>
+<dt><b>Jon Orwant</b> <a href=""></a>
+Jon is CTO of O'Reilly & Associates and is Editor of The Perl Journal.
+<h2>From <a href="">Stonehenge Consulting</a></h2>
+Send mail to Janina Lamb <a
+of Stonehenge Consulting for invitations for the following gurus:
+<dt><b><a href="">Randal Schwartz</a></b>
+Randal is the co-author of <i><a
+Perl</a></i>, <i><a
+Perl</a></i>, and <i><a
+Perl Programming</a></i>. He has a regular column in
+<i>WebTechniques</i>. Randal is based in Portland, Oregon.
+<dt><b><a href="">Tom Phoenix</a></b>
+<dd>Perl Guru and USENET poster extraordinaire. Tom is based in Portland,
+<h2>From <a href="">5 Sigma Productions</a></h2>
+<dt><b><a href="">Joseph N. Hall</a></b> <a
+<dd>Joseph is the author of
+<a href="">Effective Perl Programming</a>
+and the manager of
+<a href=""></a>. He is
+available for short talks (1-2 hours) that coincide with his
+<a href="">training
+schedule</a> and/or that are within an hour's plane ride of
+Phoenix AZ.
+<h2>From <a href="">Plover Systems Co.</a></h2>
+<dt><b><a href="">Mark-Jason
+Dominus</a></b> <a
+Mark is a regular contributor to <i>The Perl Journal</i>,
+the author of the perlreftut man page, and the managing
+editor of <a href=""></a>. He
+is the author of the Text::Template, Memoize, and
+Algorithm::Diff modules. A frequent speaker at Perl
+conferences, Mark is probably best-known for his `Tricks of
+the Wizards' tutorial from TPC 3.0. He lives in in
+<h2>From <a href="">The Perl Foundation</a></h2>
+<dt><b><a href="">Dan Sugalski</a></b> <a href=""></a>
+Dan's the internals designer for Perl 6 -- the guy responsible for making sure it actually runs, and runs well.
+<h4>How To Get On This List</h4>
+We have only included names from Gurus that have expressed interest in being
+invited to user group meetings. We have not solicited this interest and
+do not plan to, although you can send me a note if you want to be listed.
+Include the details about how you would like to be contacted.
6 perlmongers/src/start/index.html
@@ -0,0 +1,6 @@
+[% META title = "Perl Mongers: Start a group" %]
+So you've checked the [% link_to('/groups/', 'existing groups') %],
+read up on how to [% link_to('/successful/', 'run a successful group') %],
+read the [% link_to('/faq/', 'FAQ') %] and still want to start a group?
+See the [% link_to('', 'New Group Request Form') %].

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