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+- go over all the PM groups, and contact the group leader that have no web site or
+ where the web site is broken.
+ - mark the group as inactive if I the mail bounces or if the group leader tells so
+ or if no answer is received within a week.
+ - later check the other resources of these groups
+ (mailing list, DNS of the group name, what else?)
+ remove the DNS
+ freeze the mailing list if it has archive or delete it if there is
+ no content in the archive (backup list of users?)
+- include the link to the pm group to the page listing the groups on the continent
+- on the individual pm pages (if we keep them) include the name of the group and
+ other info in the html title (e.g. links to the mailing list pages or instructions
+ how to sign up).
+- Once utf-8 is enabled add language links to the left side of the we site
+- clean up the "Invite a guru" page - remove most of the people, maybe change the whole
+ title ("guru ?") ask who else wants to be added
+- move all the entries that are not 'alive' to another xml file
+- add multiple "langauge" fields to each pm group
+- create pages grouping the groups according to language German", "French"
-Europe - DONE including Slovenia
+Europe - DONE
Moldova, Republic of
@@ -48,6 +73,11 @@ Europe - DONE including Slovenia
- - bounced - XML marked inactive
North America - TODO
+ Canada
+ -
+ -
+ -
South America
Brazil - TODO

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