Simple implementation of File::Temp for creating temporary files
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Create temporary files. This module is loosely based on the Perl 5 module of the same name.


# Generate a temp file in a temp dir
my ($filename,$filehandle) = tempfile;

# specify a template for the filename
#  * are replaced with random characters
my ($filename,$filehandle) = tempfile("******");

# Automatically unlink files at end of program (this is the default)
my ($filename,$filehandle) = tempfile("******", :unlink);

# Specify the directory where the tempfile will be created
my ($filename,$filehandle) = tempfile(:tempdir("/path/to/my/dir"));

# don't unlink this one
my ($filename,$filehandle) = tempfile(:tempdir('.'), :!unlink);

# specify a prefix and suffix for the filename
my ($filename,$filehandle) = tempfile(:prefix('foo'), :suffix(".txt"));


This module exports 2 routines:

  • tempfile
  • tempdir

tempfile creates a temporary file and returns the filename and a filehandle open for reading and writing on that file.

tempdir creates a temporary directory and returns the directory name.