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Watch a directory and its subdirectories
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=NAME IO::Notification::Recursive =SYNOPSIS use IO::Notification::Recursive; my $supply = watch-recursive("."); # mention any changes on any files in the current directory and any subdirectories. $supply.tap({ .say; }); # Also watch for changes in any newly created subdirectories my $supply = watch-recursive(".", :update); =DESCRIPTION Perl 6 comes with a way to watch a file or directory for changes called As files are changed or created or removed from a directory you are watching, these changes are registered on the C created by .watch-path(). However, if any files are changed or created or removed from any subdirectories, those do not generate changes on the Supply. This module provides a C subroutine that will generate changes for a directory and any subdirectories. By default, if the directory you are watching has subdirectories created while you are watching it, these new directories are B added to the list of watched directories. If you pass the C<:update> parameter, newly created subdirectories within any directories you are currently watching will also be watched for changes.
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