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[p6-regex-quick-ref] quantifiers, conjunctions and disjunctions

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@@ -16,6 +16,24 @@ All other characters preceded by a backslash are literal.
<...> Assertion (does this thing match?)
:... introduces a modifier
+=head2 Quantifiers
+Quantifiers specify how often the preceeding term has to match. There is a
+non-greedy variant of each quantifier which you get by appending a question
+mark C<?> to the quantifier
+ ? zero or one match
+ * at least zero matches
+ + at least one match
+ ** NUM exactly NUM matches
+ ** NUM1..NUM2 NUM1 to NUM2 matches
+=head2 Conjuctions and disjunctions
+ A | B match A or B; longest match wins
+ A || B match A or B; first match wins
+ A & B match A and B with same length
+ A && B match A and B with same length; guarentueed order of execution
=head2 Assertions

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