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Document legacy functions Load/Dump/LoadFile/DumpFile
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@@ -917,6 +917,40 @@ File will be written UTF-8 encoded
The functions C<Load>, C<LoadFile>, C<Dump> and C<DumpFile> are provided
as a drop-in replacement for other existing YAML processors.
No function is exported by default.
=item Load
use YAML::PP qw/ Load /;
my $doc = Load($yaml);
my @docs = Load($yaml);
=item LoadFile
use YAML::PP qw/ LoadFile /;
my $doc = LoadFile($file);
my @docs = LoadFile($file);
=item Dump
use YAML::PP qw/ Dump /;
my $yaml = Dump($doc);
my $yaml = Dump(@docs);
=item DumpFile
use YAML::PP qw/ DumpFile /;
DumpFile($file, $doc);
DumpFile($file, @docs);
=head1 NUMBERS
Compare the output of the following YAML Loaders and JSON::PP dump:
@@ -1078,10 +1112,30 @@ You can find the latest build at L<>
As of this writing, the test matrix only contains valid test cases.
Invalid ones will be added.
=item Ingy döt Net
Ingy is one of the creators of YAML. In 2016 he started the YAML Test Suite
and the YAML Editor. He also made useful suggestions on the class
hierarchy of YAML::PP.
=item Felix "flyx" Krause
Felix answered countless questions about the YAML Specification.
The Perl Foundation L<> sponsored this project
(and the YAML Test Suite) with a grant of 2500 USD in 2017-2018.
Copyright 2017 by Tina Müller
Copyright 2018 by Tina Müller
This library is free software and may be distributed under the same terms
as perl itself.

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