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SoundManager2 Music Player for AngularJs
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AngularJs Music Player

Not maintained anymore, no interest in AngularJs, contact me if anyone wants to maintain this repo. Twitter @pinku1

Join the chat at

A music player made with SoundManager 2 API for AngularJs to play music files.

SoundManager 2 brings reliable cross-platform audio to JavaScript.

Requirements: AngularJS 1.2+


* Simple to use (use of directives)
* Playlist support
* Soundcloud support
* Easy to understand and extend API


install via bower:

bower install angular-soundmanager2

include required file:


include the angularSoundManager as a dependency for your app.

angular.module('myApp', ['angularSoundManager'])

That's it -- you're done!

Advanced API documentation available here:

Example demo

Take a look at files under examples directory for demo and how to create player using AngularJs directives.

Live demo

HTML5 Audio() Support

* 100% Flash-free MP3 + MP4/AAC where supported
* Compatible with Apple iPad 3.2, iPhone/iOS 4 and newer
* Fallback to Flash for MP3/MP4 support, as needed
* SM2 API is transparent; HTML5/flash switching handled internally
* HTML5 API support approximates Flash 8 API features
* Some other formats (WAV/OGG) supported via HTML5, depending on browser
* See "useHTML5Audio" property for implementation details

Why I created this

There are a couple projects similar to this out there, but none were ideal for me and none of them was using awesome API of SoundManager2.

Feel free to fork this project and amend it according to your needs. This is just an start point!


Install dependencies

npm install

Run grunt to watch files to update dist



Credit goes to Scott Schiller for his excellent SoundManager2.


Licensed under the MIT license

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