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🎚️ OPToggles 🎚️

Open policy based feature toggling

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What is OPToggles?

We often want our frontend to reflect the permissions enforced by the backend. E.g. if a user is not allowed to click run the action behind a button - don't show them that button.

OPToggles brings the power of OPA + OPAL into your existing feature toggling solutions.
It enables you to create user targeted feature flags/toggles based on Open Policy managed authorization rules, and keep them synced thanks to OPAL's realtime policy and policy-data change detection.

With OPToggles frontend devs can continue to enjoy working with the feature flags they are familar with, and backend-devs easily harness the power of open-policy.

OPToggles Demo


👥 Community & Contribution

Come talk to us about OPToggles, or authorization in general - we would love to hear from you ❤️

You can raise questions and ask for features to be added to the road-map in our Github discussions, report issues in Github issues, follow us on Twitter to get the latest OPToggles updates, and join our Slack community to chat about authorization, open-source, realtime communication, tech any anything else!

If you are using our project, please consider giving us a ⭐️


Contributing to OPToggles

  • Pull requests are welcome! (please make sure to include passing tests and docs)
  • Prior to submitting a PR - open an issue on GitHub, or make sure your PR addresses an existing issue well.