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PermonSVM - the PERMON SVM classifier

PERMON project homepage:
PermonSVM homepage:

Please use GitHub for issues and pull requests.

Quick guide to PermonSVM installation

  1. install PermonQP
  2. set PERMON_SVM_DIR variable pointing to the PermonSVM directory (probably this file's parent directory)
  3. build PermonSVM simply using makefile (makes use of PETSc buildsystem):
  4. if the build is successful, there is a new subdirectory named $PETSC_ARCH with the program library $PETSC_ARCH/lib/libpermonsvm.{so,a} and the executable $PETSC_ARCH/bin/permonsvmfile
    • shared library (.so) is built just if PETSc has been configured with option --with-shared-libraries
    • all compiler settings are inherited from PETSc

Example of PermonSVM usage

  1. running PermonSVM on 2 MPI processes with default settings (L2-norm loss function, C = 10)
    ./runsvmmpi 2 -f examples/heart_scale -f_test examples/heart_scale.t
  2. running PermonSVM on 2 MPI processes with grid search/cross-validation
    ./runsvmmpi 2 -f examples/heart_scale -f_test examples/heart_scale.t -svm_C -1
  3. running PermonSVM on 2 MPI processes with grid search (C = {0.1, 1, 10, 100}) and cross-validation on 4 folds
    ./runsvmmpi 2 -f examples/heart_scale -f_test examples/heart_scale.t -svm_C -1 -svm_nfolds 4 -svm_logC_base 10 -svm_logC_min -1 -svm_logC_max 2
  4. running PermonSVM on 2 MPI processes with C = 100
    ./runsvmmpi 2 -f examples/heart_scale -f_test examples/heart_scale.t -svm_C 100
  5. running PermonSVM on 2 MPI processes with C = 0.01 and L1-norm loss function
    ./runsvmmpi 2 -f examples/heart_scale -f_test examples/heart_scale.t -svm_loss_type L1 -svm_C 1e-2

The training dataset examples/heart_scale and testing dataset examples/heart_scale.t have been obtained by splitting the heart_scale dataset from the LIBSVM dataset page.

Currently supported PERMON/PETSc versions

PERMON tries to support newest versions of PETSc as soon as possible. The releases are tagged with major.minor.sub-minor numbers. The major.minor numbers correspond to the major.minor release numbers of the supported PERMON/PETSc version.