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PermonSVM - the PERMON SVM classifier

PERMON project homepage:
PermonSVM homepage:

Please use GitHub for issues and pull requests.

Feature overview

  • Scalable (parallel) solution for the linear C-SVM
  • Supported binary classifications:
    • standard classification (linear and bound constraints)
    • relaxed-bias classification (bound constraints)
  • Misclassification error quantification:
    • l1 hinge-loss function
    • l2 hinge-loss function
  • Standard classification solvers:
  • Relaxed-bias classification solvers:
    • MPRGP
    • TAO solvers for minimization with bound constraints
  • Warm start
  • Grid search
  • Cross validation types:
    • k-fold
    • stratified k-fold
  • Model perfomance scores:
    • accuracy
    • sensitivity
    • specifity
    • F1
    • Matthews correlation coefficient
    • Area Under Curve (AUC) Receiver Operating Characteristics (ROC)
    • Gini coefficient
  • Parallel data loaders:
    • PETSc binary
    • HDF5 (AIJ and dense matrices)
    • SVMLight

Quick installation guide

  1. install PermonQP (follow instructions in its own
  2. set PERMON_SVM_DIR variable pointing to the PermonSVM directory (probably this file's parent directory)
  3. build PermonSVM simply using makefile (makes use of PETSc buildsystem): make
  4. if the build is successful, there is a new subdirectory named $PETSC_ARCH with the program library $PETSC_ARCH/lib/libpermonsvm.{dylib,so,a} and the executable $PETSC_ARCH/bin/permonsvmfile
    • shared library (.so) is built just if PETSc has been configured with option --with-shared-libraries
    • all compiler settings are inherited from PETSc and PermonQP


  • Tutorials illustrating basic functionality of the package are located in src/tutorials.
  • We also provide the bash script runsvmmpi in the root directory of PermonSVM to easily run minimal working example src/bin/permonsvmfile.c.
  • Several training and test datasets are located in DATA_DIR=src/tutorials/data.
  • Please set the DATA_DIR variable before running following examples.

Using different classification methods

  1. running PermonSVM on 2 MPI processes with default settings (relaxed-bias classification, l1 hinge loss, C = 1, B = 1)

    ./runsvmmpi 2 -f_training $DATA_DIR/heart_scale.bin -f_test $DATA_DIR/heart_scale.t.bin
  2. running PermonSVM on 2 MPI processes with penalty parameter C = 100

    ./runsvmmpi 2 -f_training $DATA_DIR/heart_scale.bin -f_test $DATA_DIR/heart_scale.t.bin \
      -svm_C 100
  3. running PermonSVM on 2 MPI processes with C = 0.01 and l2 hinge loss

    ./runsvmmpi 2 -f_training $DATA_DIR/heart_scale.bin -f_test $DATA_DIR/heart_scale.t.bin \
      -svm_loss_type L2 -svm_C 1e-2
  4. running PermonSVM on 2 MPI processes solving standard classification problem (binary mod 1), missclassification error quantification by l2 hinge loss, and C = 0.01

    ./runsvmmpi 2 -f_training $DATA_DIR/heart_scale.bin -f_test $DATA_DIR/heart_scale.t.bin \
      -svm_loss_type L2 -svm_C 1e-2 -svm_binary_mod 1

Hyperparameter optimization

  1. running PermonSVM on 2 MPI processes with hyperparameter optimization with default settings (l1 hinge loss function, relaxed-bias classification, grid-search log2C = [-2:1:2], k-fold cross validation on 5 folds)

    ./runsvmmpi 2 -f_training $DATA_DIR/heart_scale.bin -f_test $DATA_DIR/heart_scale.t.bin \
      -svm_hyperopt 1
  2. running PermonSVM on 2 MPI processes with grid-search on C = {0.1, 1, 10, 100} combined with cross validation on 3 folds that reuses a previous solution (warm start)

    ./runsvmmpi 2 -f_training $DATA_DIR/heart_scale.bin -f_test $DATA_DIR/heart_scale.t.bin \
      -svm_hyperopt 1 -svm_gs_logC_base 10 -svm_gs_logC_stride 1,2,1 -svm_nfolds 3 -cross_svm_warm_start 1
  3. running PermonSVM on 2 MPI processes with grid search on C = {0.1, 1, 10, 100} and stratified k-fold cross validation on 3 folds with warm start

    ./runsvmmpi 2 -f_training $DATA_DIR/heart_scale.bin -f_test $DATA_DIR/heart_scale.t.bin \
      -svm_hyperopt 1 -svm_gs_logC_base 10 -svm_gs_logC_stride 1,2,1 -svm_nfolds 3 -cross_svm_warm_start 1 \
      -svm_cv_type stratified_kfold

Using precomputed Gramian matrix

PermonSVM uses an implicit representation of the Gramian matrix by default. Sometimes, it is reasonable to compute inner products related to the Gramian explicitly, typically, when a number of features is disproportionately larger than a number of samples. For such cases, PermonSVM provides functionality allowing to load precomputed Gramian matrix.

./runsvmmpi 2 -f_training $DATA_DIR/heart_scale.bin -f_test $DATA_DIR/heart_scale.t.bin \
  -f_kernel $DATA_DIR/heart_scale.kernel.bin

The training dataset src/tutorials/data/heart_scale and testing dataset src/tutorials/data/heart_scale.t have been obtained by splitting the heart_scale dataset from the LIBSVM dataset page.

Currently supported PERMON/PETSc versions

PERMON tries to support newest versions of PETSc as soon as possible. The releases are tagged with major.minor.sub-minor numbers. The major.minor numbers correspond to the major.minor release numbers of the supported PERMON/PETSc version.