Funny Bot for Mtgox Bitcoin Auto Transaction
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funny bot bitcoin

Funny Bot for Mtgox Bitcoin Auto Transaction

  • funny-bot-bitcoin is very fresh and it's strategy is VERY idiotic,
  • funny-bot-bitcoin should just your starting point
  • You take Full responsibility for Your money and bitcoin.
  • You should understand what are you doing when you use funny-bot-bitcoin.

How to use

First: Set Yourself Mtgox Key and Secrect in

Then: Run command below:

python bot max_btc max_usd init_action init_price trigger_percent


python bot 2 200 sell 93.73 0.03

* max_btc: max amount of btc to sell every time
* max_usd: max amount of USD($) to buy btc every time
* init_action: action when start, 'sell' or 'buy'
* init_price: price that trigger init_action
* trigger_percent: price change percent to trigger bot action(sell or buy)

How funny-bot-bitcoin work

init_action(sell/buy).... Sell ==> Buy ==> Sell ==> Buy ==> Sell ==> Buy==> Sell ==> Buy

Every 2 minutes, funny-bot-bitcoin watch the newest price, 
when it higher/lower than the init_price, trigger init_action(sell/buy)

After init_action, sell/buy alternately begin the current action

When the newest price higher/lower than  previous_price*(1 -/+ trigger_percent), 
then trigger the current action(sell/buy)

OR 1/100 Probability trigger the current action whatever the newest price is.


list wallets:
python wallets

list orders:
python orders

cancel all orders:
python cancel_all

current ticker:
python ticker

buy btc:
python buy 1.1 100.10    #buy 1.1 btc price: $100.10

buy btc at the market price:
python buy 1.1     #buy 1.1 btc at the market price

sell btc:
python sell 1.1 100.10    #sell.1 btc price: $100.10

sell btc at the market price:
python sell 1.1    #sell.1 btc at the market price


Bitcoin Address: 1peroQw2zXPBCC9ag3A44hqHheRrpaqmH