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updated reqs to use JRuby

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@@ -35,20 +35,13 @@ Then do all like `bundle exec rackup`
-* Ruby 1.9.2ish (RVM saved my life here - 1.9.2 because 1.9.1 has a segfault in ffi-rzmq)
+* JRuby 1.5+ (don't use MRI - it will crash horribly, check the ISSUES file)
* [FFI](, `gem install ffi` should be fine.
* [Zero MQ](, you'll need to compile and install to get the headers and such for:
* [ffi-rzmq](, which you'll have to build. The native zmq didn't work for me, but if you want to fix it, please do!
* [json](, since the headers are returned in JSON, which is RAD. (Really Awesome, Dude)
* Rack `gem install rack` if you want to run the rack example.
-Booby Traps
- uninitialized constant RUBY_ENGINE
-You're running an old Ruby, use 1.9.2.
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