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WordPress theme Blaskan:
Author: Per Sandström
Author URL:
Theme URL:
Source code:
Requires: WordPress 3.x
License: GNU General Public License (see license.txt)
Blaskan is a responsive and accessible WordPress theme that's built for
many kinds of screens.
Getting started and help:
See guides on
Future development:
I'm using Blaskan on my own swedish blog,, so expect
active development and upgrades as WordPress evolves.
Blaskan supports:
* Custom header
* Custom background
* Three widget areas (left sidebar, right sidebar, footer widgets)
* Optionally use custom or no sidebars in pages
* Use a wide content column. Useful for e.g. photo blogs.
You may add also a custom header message and/or footer message and choose if to
display credit links in the theme options:
If need to do any customizations that requires that you modify the code then
please use a child theme.
Get started fast and easy using the Blaskan child theme boilerplate.
Source code:
Supported browsers and platforms:
* Firefox
* Safari
* Chrome
* Opera
* Internet Explorer 7 and above
* Android
* Mobile Safari (iPhone/iPad/iPod touch)
* Opera Mini
League Gothic from The League of Moveable Type:
Licensed under the Open Font License. See OFL.txt.
Dutch translation by Matthijs de Vries.
German translation by Joachim Kroll.
Romanian translation by
See also links/comments in source files.
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