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WordPress theme Blaskan child theme boilerplate:
Author: Per Sandström
Author URL:
Parent theme URL:
Source code:
Requires: WordPress 3.x
License: GNU General Public License (see license.txt)
This boilerplate helps you getting started with your Blaskan child theme.
You should always use a child theme when customizing Blaskan. Otherwise your
changes will be overridden each time you update Blaskan to a newer version.
1. Make sure you have previously downloaded the Blaskan theme.
2. Rename the child theme folder to the name that you want to use.
E.g. "blaskanmatt".
3. Open style.css and change the Theme Name value to the human friendly name for
your theme. E.g. "Blaskan Matt". You may also optionally change the Theme
URI, Description, Author, Author URI and Version values.
That's it! Now go activate your child theme.
Learn more and get help:
The WordPress documentation on child themes:
Post your question in the Blaskan forum on