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The :mod:`schema` module defines two classes, :class:`Schema` and :class:`SchemaDict`, derived from :class:`DbObject` and :class:`DbObjectDict`, respectively.


:class:`Schema` is derived from :class:`~pyrseas.dbobject.DbObject` and represents a database schema, i.e., a collection of tables and other objects. The 'public' schema is special as in most contexts an unqualified object is assumed to be part of it, e.g., table "t" is usually shorthand for table "public.t."

For now, the schema :attr:`name` is the only attribute and is of course the identifying attribute in the :class:`Schema` :attr:`keylist`.

Schema Dictionary

:class:`SchemaDict` is derived from :class:`~pyrseas.dbobject.DbObjectDict`. It is a dictionary that represents the collection of schemas in a database. Certain internal schemas (information_schema, pg_catalog, etc.) owned by the 'postgres' user are excluded.

Method :meth:`from_map` is called from :class:`Database` :meth:`~pyrseas.database.Database.from_map` to start a recursive interpretation of the input map. The :obj:`inmap` argument is the same as input to the :meth:`~pyrseas.database.Database.diff_map` method of :class:`Database`. The :obj:`newdb` argument is the holder of :class:`~pyrseas.dbobject.DbObjectDict`-derived dictionaries which is filled in as the recursive interpretation proceeds.

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