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.. module:: pyrseas.dbobject.collation

The :mod:`collation` module defines two classes, :class:`Collation` and :class:`CollationDict`, derived from :class:`DbSchemaObject` and :class:`DbObjectDict`, respectively.


:class:`Collation` is derived from :class:`~pyrseas.dbobject.DbSchemaObject` and represents a PostgreSQL collation (available on PostgreSQL 9.1 or later).

.. autoclass:: Collation

.. automethod:: Collation.create

Collation Dictionary

:class:`CollationDict` is derived from :class:`~pyrseas.dbobject.DbObjectDict`. It is a dictionary that represents the collection of collations in a database.

.. autoclass:: CollationDict

.. automethod:: CollationDict.from_map

.. automethod:: CollationDict.diff_map