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Exclude pg_temp_nnn/pg_toast_temp_nnn schemas, not just xxx_temp_1. F…

…ixes #37.
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1 parent 06525e0 commit 77039dad7fcdcb36f4812a317e2d5753423ed40e @jmafc jmafc committed Jun 27, 2012
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@@ -71,8 +71,9 @@ class SchemaDict(DbObjectDict):
"""SELECT nspname AS name,
obj_description(n.oid, 'pg_namespace') AS description
FROM pg_namespace n
- WHERE nspname NOT IN ('information_schema',
- 'pg_temp_1', 'pg_toast', 'pg_toast_temp_1')
+ WHERE nspname NOT IN ('information_schema', 'pg_toast')
+ AND nspname NOT LIKE 'pg_temp\_%'
+ AND nspname NOT LIKE 'pg_toast_temp\_%'
ORDER BY nspname"""
def from_map(self, inmap, newdb):

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