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Pyrseas needs to ignore system schemas pg_* #37

andreypopp opened this Issue · 4 comments

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I found that recent version of Pyrseas tries to manage system schemas like pg_temp. They are should be ignored.


Could you please be more specific, in particular, Postgres version and type of object? A small testcase would be ideal.

There are 20 modules in pyrseas/dbobject and nearly all restrict on nspname != 'pg_catalog' AND nspname != 'information_schema' already. If I'm not mistaken, and are the only ones where I found it necessary to also restrict to exclude some additional pg_ schemas (see change 8d92dd8). I believe a blanket restriction, like nspname != 'information_schema AND nspname NOT LIKE 'pg_%'`, could cause issues later (for PG extensions, we've already had to include pg_catalog because languages are now extensions under that schema).


PostgreSQL 9.1, Pyrseas installed from git.

I get the following error:

ProgrammingError: unacceptable schema name "pg_temp_8"
DETAIL:  The prefix "pg_" is reserved for system schemas.

will try to produce a test case later.


Ah, it seems you exclude pg_temp_1, but PostgreSQL creates such tables as needed, so you also need to exclude pg_temp_X for X from [1..]. Same for pg_toast_temp_*.


OK, I'll work on adding the extra restrictions to pyrseas/dbobject/ only.

@jmafc jmafc closed this in 77039da
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