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yamltodb 0.7.1 does not does not pickup changes to enums #87

squareproton opened this Issue Mar 12, 2014 · 3 comments

3 participants

CREATE SCHEMA test_enum;
SET search_path TO test_enum;
CREATE TYPE test AS ENUM ('one', 'two');

dbtoyaml produces

schema test_enum:
  owner: unit
  type test:
    - one
    - two

Add value to enum ALTER TYPE test ADD VALUE 'three';. Execute yamltodb with our previously generated yaml yeilds a empty result. Dropping the type produces the CREATE TYPE expression you'd expect so it seems this type of DDL is covered by Pyrseas.

Pyrseas 0.7.1, postgres 9.2.6

@jmafc jmafc added the dbtoyaml label Mar 12, 2014
Perseas member
jmafc commented Mar 12, 2014

The ALTER TYPE name ADD VALUE statement was added in Postgres 9.1 (Sept 2011) and support for enums was added in Pyrseas 0.3 (June 2011). Due to an oversight, we still don't compare enum values and hence this failure.

@jmafc jmafc closed this Mar 17, 2014
Perseas member
jmafc commented Mar 17, 2014

Closed by mistake.

@jmafc jmafc reopened this Mar 17, 2014
pumazi commented Mar 11, 2015

I can confirm this.

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