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@jmafc jmafc Updated Home (markdown) Apr 21, 2016 0a8db93
@jmafc jmafc Replace Extender by Augmenter. Jul 8, 2013 cdb1188
@jmafc jmafc Rename Extender to Augmenter. May 22, 2013 4292a48
@jmafc jmafc Add http:// in URL for Customized Options. May 22, 2013 ea1ae4e
@rhunwicks rhunwicks Remove SECURITY DEFINER references which are no longer required now we are no longer using plpythonu. May 21, 2013 5c897fe
@rhunwicks rhunwicks Updated switch from plpythonu to custom variable class, and from dbextend to dbaugment May 21, 2013 a4c5f47
@jmafc jmafc Updated Extender Configuration (markdown) Feb 1, 2012 cce870f
@rhunwicks rhunwicks Added additional yaml syntax for extend denormalizations covering separate insert/update expression and conditional updates Jan 31, 2012 7e5abf8
@rhunwicks rhunwicks Added explanation of how denormalization triggers will work and example triggers for the copied_from example Jan 27, 2012 1ec46d8
@rhunwicks rhunwicks Updated Extender Configuration (markdown) Jan 27, 2012 2b80c1e
@rhunwicks rhunwicks Added debug configuration option including additional messages for debugging purposes Jan 27, 2012 3f45115
@rhunwicks rhunwicks Added additional background on session variables Jan 27, 2012 f37abc3
@rhunwicks rhunwicks Updated Extender Session Variables (markdown) Jan 27, 2012 c8a483b
@rhunwicks rhunwicks Made the plpythonu requirement explicit Jan 27, 2012 f02b4d4
@rhunwicks rhunwicks Updated Extender (markdown) Jan 23, 2012 6d2a562
@rhunwicks rhunwicks Created Extender Session Variables (markdown) Jan 23, 2012 3cfc5a9
@rhunwicks rhunwicks Updated SQL generated by dbextend for better security and to allow session variables Jan 23, 2012 456e7ae
@jmafc jmafc Updated Enhancer Denormalizations (markdown) Jan 19, 2012 060e0cf
@jmafc jmafc Updated AuditColumns (markdown) Jan 19, 2012 496b024
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@jmafc jmafc Updated Enhancer Denormalizations (markdown) Jan 17, 2012 971992b
@jmafc jmafc Updated Enhancer Configuration (markdown) Jan 17, 2012 e364214
@rhunwicks rhunwicks Included link to new Enhancer Denormalizations wiki page Jan 17, 2012 c42ee15
@rhunwicks rhunwicks Added description of Enhancer Denormalizations Jan 17, 2012 fe9255c
@rhunwicks rhunwicks Query whether a single argument referencing a combined yaml file is possible. Jan 17, 2012 5d360f1
@jmafc jmafc Updated Enhancer (markdown) Jan 17, 2012 8421d61