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git installation instruction

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If you are using ArchLinux base os or ubuntu base os or fedora base os or OpenSuse base os , we recommend to use persepolis repository. You can find installation instructions in our website , because git version is on development and not stable . but if you want install persepolis from git for any reason follow this instructions .


Before running install file make sure that all dependencies are installed on your system!

You must have aria2 , libnotify-bin , python 3 , pyqt5 , qt5-svg , python3-requests , python3-setproctitle , python3-setuptools , python3-psutil , ffmpeg, sound-theme-freedesktop , yt-dlp installed. In some disributions you must install python3-pyqt5.qtsvg .

Persepolis can use Pyside6 or PyQt5. Pyside6 is newer. If Pyside6 is in your distro. repositories you can install pyside6 and qt6-svg. You can also install pyside from pip. If you want more stability, use PyQt5.

Installing Dependencies for Archlinux

     sudo pacman -S aria2 libnotify pyside6 qt6-svg python-requests python-setproctitle python-setuptools sound-theme-freedesktop python-psutil yt-dlp ffmpeg

Installing Dependencies for Debian and Debian base distros (ubuntu, ... )

     sudo apt-get install aria2 sound-theme-freedesktop libnotify-bin python3-pyqt5 libqt5svg5 python3-requests python3-setproctitle python3-setuptools python3-psutil yt-dlp ffmpeg python3-pyqt5.qtsvg

Installing Dependencies for Fedora

     sudo dnf install aria2 sound-theme-freedesktop libnotify python3-qt5 qt5-qtsvg python3-requests python3-setproctitle python3-setuptools python3-psutil yt-dlp ffmpeg


If you use GTK+ desktop environments(Gnome, Cinammon, Mate, XFCE, Budgie, ...), we recommend you to install adwaita-qt package.This package help you to get a uniform look between persepolis and the other applications in your desktop environments.

In ArchLinux:

  yaourt -S adwaita-qt5

In Debian,Ubuntu, Mint ,...(This package may not be available in old distributions) :

  sudo apt-get install adwaita-qt

In Fedora:

  sudo dnf install adwaita-qt

Installing Persepolis Download Manager itself

     git clone "" 
     cd persepolis

to install

     sudo python3 install

to uninstall,

    sudo python3

If you installed Persepolis 3.X or 2.X before and you want to install version 4.x, Please run script first.

If yt-dlp is not available in your disribution, you can install it with pip3.

python3 -m pip install -U yt-dlp


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