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Accessing the Build Server

Authenticating to the Build Server

You must be a member of the CyanogenMod organization, and your membership must be public at

Jenkins will authorize using OAuth to GitHub.

Using the Build Server

Click the "android" job.
Configure what you want to build.
Build it. Note that regular builds (nightly/snap/whatever) can only be produced by the automated processes. Manually triggered builds will always be labeled as EXPERIMENTAL

Adding or updating a device

This repository is preconfigured to use the git-review plugin. More information can be found at:

Edit cm-build-targets and submit a change to gerrit for review. The syntax for that file is documented in its first few lines. You can upload your change to gerrit with commands like these:

git add cm-build-targets
git commit
git review

Once you have submitted your change add the group "Release" to the reviewers.

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