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A simple App Shell starter kit that you can use to get started building your PWA with ReasonML & ReasonReact.
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What's New?

  • upgraded to use the Hooks API

CSS Flavors


This project exists to provide a simple example to help you get started building your ReasonReact web application. It's purposely kept small and simple to be easy to follow and change as needed.

Getting Started

npm install
npm start

This will start both bsb and webpack-dev-server (via the cross platform npm-run-all).




Building an App Shell (warning: this is somewhat out of date)


In my journey to Reason, I was searching for an example ReasonReact web app that demonstrated how to set up things like routing and bsb/webpack configurations. I couldn't find any and decided to share this to help others on their journey.

What's Inside

  • Routing via ReasonReact's Router (and thanks to @thangngoc89 for his excellent gist example)
  • Route transitions (via bindings to ReactTransitionGroup)
  • A navigation drawer that, when open, responds to touch—so you're free to use swiping gestures in your app
  • Simple, cross platform bsb & webpack configurations
  • workbox for service worker generation
  • Multiple flavors of CSS depending (currently styled-components, bs-css, and Sass)

UI Inspiration

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