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Turing-Complete Currency and Decentralized Banking Framework
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Decentral Bank: Turing-Complete Currency and Banking Software

Decentral Bank is a software framework which allows a network of peers to partake in decentralized banking activity and monetary policy. The network is capable of issuing currency tokens whose purchasing power is maintained through a set of smart contracts included in the system. The mechanisms include but are not limited to the auctioning of bonds and shares and a collateralized reserve system. The Decentral Bank framework contains many of the cryptocurrency industry standard stability mechanisms for stablecoin systems. Users can fork the Decentral Bank software and create stablecoin networks which incorporate various monetary policy functions modeled after real-world banking and economic theories.

Decentral Bank Software is based on EOSIO technology for Turing-complete smart contract functionality, account-based transactions, and Byzantine consensus.

Getting Started


Full documentation can be found /docs or at


Decentral Bank software is released under the terms of the MIT license. Decentral Bank software is open source and free to use. The "Decentral Bank" repository is not a bank and does not engage in banking activity, transactions, or business. The software is released in an as-is basis and open to all collaborators.


Main network

Once the software is ready for first release and a sufficiently distributed community formed, the "global main network" will be launched by a community initiative. The decentral bank "world network" will be the global main network of the system and the first network launched using decentral bank software. It is a purely permissionless, jurisdictionless, and trustless network committed to the highest form of sovereign-grade decentralization and censorship-resistance issuing the world's first Turing-complete stablecoin currency.

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