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A simple statistical machine translation implementation of IBM models 1, 2 and 3 (Brown et al., 1993) supported by an n-gram language model.


Due to its lightweight implementation, the standard libraries of Python 3 are all you need.


Training of the IBM models requires a parallel corpus formatted in the following way:

Das ist aber ein schöner Beispielsatz . ||| What a nice example sentence .
Jeder Satz verdient eine eigene Zeile . ||| Every sentence deserves its own line .

Furthermore, the language model is trained using a monolingual corpus with each sentence on its own line. Input files for translation follow the same format. Nothing fancy.


There are three translation models which are implemented in this project:

  • IBM Model 1 simply learns word translation probabilities while treating all alignments equally. It can be found in src/ and trained using the train_model1 method.
  • IBM Model 2 builds upon model 1 and learns translation probabilities as well as word alignemnts. It can be found in src/ and trained using the train_model2 method.
  • IBM Model 3 is more complex still and learns translation, word alignment, fertility and null non-insertion probabilities . It can be found in src/ and trained using the train_model3 method and is used by default when running the translation script.

Furthermore n-gram language models are also implemented and used during decoding with a backoff approach. By default, trigrams, bigrams and unigrams are learned and used in conjunction with IBM Model 3.


To run a translation experiment simply ./src/ the bash script or execute the translation script directly:

$ python3 ../data/ ../data/train.en ../data/ output_prefix

During the translation process, files containing the probability distributions' values are created in the working directory with the output prefix. Finally, an output file output_prefix_output.txt is created.

Help is available by running the above script without arguments.


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