An OpenRAVE plugin for circular trajectory blending
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An OpenRAVE Plugin for trajectory timing

This is an OpenRAVE wrapper to an algorithm for converting a linear joint space path into a timed trajectory with bounded acceleration and velocity. It does this by adding circular blends between consecutive linear path segments, and computing the time-optimal motion along the linear-circular-linear segments.

The resulting trajectory is then reinterpolated at a fixed discretization to return a quadratic polynomial spline approximation of the solution.

It is based on code provided by Tobias Kunz:

which implements the technique described in the paper:

  • Tobias Kunz and Mike Stilman, Time-Optimal Trajectory Generation for Path Following with Bounded Acceleration and Velocity, RSS 2008


This algorithm takes the following parameters (with the specified default values):

  • <check_collision>False</check_collision>: If the blended trajectory should be re-checked for collisions
  • <integration_step>0.001</integration_step>: The integration step size.
  • <interpolation_step>0.01</interpolation_step>: The interpolation step size.
  • <max_deviation>0.1</max_deviation>: The maximum allowed deviation from the original trajectory