OpenRAVE plugin to expose TrajOpt code as an OpenRAVE planner
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OpenRAVE prpy bindings for TrajOpt.

This plugin downloads and builds TrajOpt from source and creates a Python wrapper that interfaces it with the prpy planning API.

All of the normal TrajOpt python bindings are also available when this package is included in a catkin workspace.


$ sudo apt-get install libopenscenegraph-dev cmake libboost-all-dev libeigen3-dev python-numpy


Known Issues

OpenSceneGraph issue in Parallels VM

You will likely receive several "undefined reference to glXCreateGLXPbufferSGIX" linking errors when building TrajOpt inside a Parallels virtual machine. This is known issue that results from OpenSceneGraph using a deprecated OpenGL command that is not implemented by Parallels. You can work around this issue by building OpenSceneGraph from source the GLX_SGIX_pbuffer pre-processor define #undefed.

If you are on Ubuntu, you can easily build a patched version of OpenSceneGraph using git-buildpackage. To do so, run:

$ git clone
$ cd openscenegraph-release
$ gbp buildpackage --git-debian-branch=master -uc -us

This will produce several .deb packages in the parent directory. You can install these Debian packages using your favorite installation method (gdebi, dpkg -i, etc).


See LICENSE.txt.


  • Pras Velagapudi <>
  • Michael Koval <>