Giter8 template for Vaadin&Scala projects.
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A simple Scala & Vaadin project template


First you need install g8. See their page for instructions. Then just drop in to a shell:

g8 perspectivet/vaadin-scala
<answer questions, enter for defaults>
cd <project dir>

And browse to http://localhost:8080. You can also type eclipse in the SBT-prompt to create Eclipse project files and import the project to Eclipse as an existing project.

What's included

This template creates an SBT project that includes Scala, Vaadin and ScalaWrappers. It also includes the SBT-plugins xsbt-web-plugin for Jetty and sbteclipse for creating Eclipse projects


Continuous compilation

One of the nice features of sbt is Continuous Compilation (CC). CC puts sbt in a mode where it waits for changes to the source tree and selectively recompiles.

For non-web projects:


For Vaadin web projects. Assuming you've run "container:start" above:

sbt>~;container:reload /

Using Vaadin add-ons

The build.sbt created by the template contains the necessary (GWT sbt plugin) code to compile the addons.

Add-ons are already enabled, but there are steps required to add additional add-ons.

  1. Add a dependency to the add-on to the libraryDependencies Seq(...) in the build.sbt file
  2. Add the GWT module of the add-on to the gwt.xml file in the src directory.
  3. Type gwt-compile in the sbt prompt to compile the widgetset