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General info

This is a little example application that I have used to learn to use the AngularJS and Dropwizard frameworks. It also serves as a project template that can be used to get a new project up and running quickly. A blog article describing what I did can be found here: Getting Started With AngularJS, Jetty and Dropwizard

Architecture information

AngularJS is used to create a simple webapp (angularjs-webapp module), while Dropwizard has been used to create a backend server with RESTful services (dw-server module). The two are deployed on different web servers, as shown here:

Deployment diagram

Topics that have been explored


  • organizing an AngularJS webapp in modules and partials
  • AngularJS directives, filters, calling backend services via $resource, etc.
  • using Bootstrap with AngularJS
  • using $promise returned from $resource calls to ensure that certains functions are executed in sequence


  • using Jetty for both the webapp and the backend services
  • embedding Jetty in the application in dw-server so that it is very easy to run and debug from the IDE.
  • configuring Jetty in the angular-webapp as a proxy to the dw-server in order to tackle the issue that a JavaScript application is not allowed to call back to another server than it's origination server.


  • creating RESTful (JSON) services with Jersey & Jackson, including health checks
  • getting the services to handle requests from AngularJS $resource
  • creating persistence logic with JDBI


  • using the the appassembler-maven-plugin to generate a script that will set the classpath and run the webapp
  • building fat JARS with Maven Shade Plugin making it possible to deploy Dropwizard services as single .jar files.


  • For those with allergies towards xml bloat, there is a gradle (almost) equivalent build.

Running the app with gradle

  1. Start the dwServer $projectRoot:> ./gradlew runDwServer
  2. Start the webApp $projectRoot:> ./gradlew jettyMrun

First time you run ./gradlew it will download a gradle distribution, not install neeeded.